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  1. hello everyone, i'm happy user since long time of evernote and gcal. I use cronofy to connect both applications and it works really well. (As you know Cronofy create event on gcal based on the reminders you set on your notes. When you click on the links on your caledar it appear the relative note) The problem is that until now the link opened the desktop evernote app and now redirect to evernote web. How can i set to open desktop app and not web version? I already tried to disconnect the service and create again token. Can someone help me? Thank you really much!
  2. Hello i reinstalled evernote and tried to use regedit to change the key HKCU/Software/Evernote/Evernote/StrictAttachments to 1 as i done in the past. but StrictAttachments not exsist anymore. Some suggestion? Thanks!
  3. Hello guys, I'm here exactely for that reason (sunrise calendar not work good anymore on android and will be discontinued). Any alternative to sync with google calendar? Better if free Thanks, Andrea
  4. same problem. I think is not the language (i write in italian). Please fix the problem!
  5. Thanks Frank.dg, the presentation mode is fantastic and thanks again for let me discover more about but as you said is not possible to resize images in windows version.
  6. Thanks for your reply. I have premium presentation mode but the problem is that i have a lot of big pictures in a single note so i need to see pictures as attached. That is possible in desktop version but not in android version. The result is that the note not work good in android.
  7. hello, using EN windows desktop version +android version i would like to find the best way to create enlargeble images in a note. The ways i tried: little image + large image as attached (if you don't know how to set an image as attached look that) not possible to see images as attached on android version so a note with many images is not easy to view and read. little image + pdf image as attached is not very practical especially on android version. Some other idea? Thanks in advance
  8. hello i solved to copy and paste in microsoft word and then the highlight was printed.
  9. I do not know why but there are ever more incentives to the mac version. Because I do not love the mac and I don't want to buy one probably give up to evernote. I understand that any company do business strategy that wants but I payed the premium version from years and I'm tired. greetings evernote
  10. Please add this feature ! (not resize in skitch!) I need the same function of browser version (simply resize whith click on image) on the desktop version!
  11. + 1 for this feature request! (not resize in skitch!) I need the same function of browser version (simply resize whith click on image) on the desktop version! Please Add this feature!
  12. I dicovered that (for me) it's a formatting problem. When i click " simplifies formattig" problem solved. That is not good for me because i need original formattig but I hope to help someone. Good luck!
  13. I have the same problem. Evernote deskop windows 8 is not more fully usable for me! I sent a ticket.
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