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Evernote as CRM with spreadsheet reports

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We would like to develop an evernote notebook for our prospects and we like that we can make each prospect company into its own notebook and put corresponding notes, emails, images with them and track.

We would ideally like to have a spreadsheet that we can incorporate into the main page of the stack with all the basic contact info for each of our prospects to be able to sort and pull things like email or mailing address for quick mass things we need to send out.  Invites, etc.  Is there a way to pull out all email addresses or all mailing addresses from our notebooks into one place all at once vs individual copy and paste to send out mass invites?


Please advise....

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While Evernote is a great general purpose note-taking, web-clipping PIM, it is nowhere close to a CRM.

I would think even the cheapest dedicated CRM app would be better than Evernote.


You may want to take a look at Apptivo.com.  It has great CRM, Contact Management, Project Management, Notes, and much more.

And it has a very reasonable price.

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