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iOS Feature Request: Edit FONT SIZES



How is such a major note-editing feature missing on supposedly the best note taking app on iOS?

If OneNote and literally every other note taking app on iOS can do this, why can't Evernote?

Being able to make parts of my notes bigger in size is imperative for differentiating between different note aspects or labels.

It's seemingly such an easy feature to add, and the desktop versions offer it.

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I have been playing with Evernote and One Note. Need a note taking app that can be available from iPad to android phone to LAPTOP.

The inability to increase font size on the iPad makes Evernote not easily usable to me.

Everything , including menu titles, are just too small. Using IOS zoom feature just gets too cumbersome.

Otherwise, I liked the simplicity of Evernote .

But, it's just not an option for me.

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Evernote! Please add this feature! So many people are always either trying to figure out how to edit font sizes, or realized that there's no way to do it and continually request it! We're going to have to keep this thread alive if we ever hope to recieve an adequate response to the issue, or better yet, an offered solution!

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oh yes, iOS version is so much limited regarding editing of text, change color: NO, change size: NO.

please add this. I often do copy/paste text on iOS and need a way to clean up strange text formattings...

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As a paying user of Evernote, I'm thinking we users need to rise up as a block and demand they finally address this. It's simply unforgivable that font size & face aren't editable at this point in the development of the app. Come on developers, get this done!!


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