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Web clipper 6.0.15 does not work in Firefox


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I have seen the troublshooting note but have not found such an issue there. After the update Web clipper stopped working in Firefox 37.0.1. First the clipper button responds very slowly, then automatic selection of notebooks takes ages. When  I select the notebook manually the clipper just displays the rotating circle and never finishes clipping. This is my first problem with the clipper ever, very annoying...

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NO evernote clipper icon in toolbar or menus. Was very confused then did this:


Disabled webclipper extension

Restart FF

Settings for history and remembering history turned on

Restarted FF

Enabled Webclipper

Restarted FF



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Dear Anyone ~ 


How do I re-enable evernote web clipper after an update?  It always disables it, frustrating - not certain updates worth it?  It looks like it's working however, I know that it's not because I've set it to show the clipped item and that isn't coming up. Plus, even after sync when I look for item clipped ~ it is not present. 


Thanking you in advance for your anticipated assistance in this matter, I remain,


Respectfully, Humbly & Sincerely,


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