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  1. Generally yes, but if things suddenly stopped working without any changes made on the machine, it tends to make one want to closer look at recent changes in Evernote. I tried it and unfortunately it did not help. Anyway, as I suspected, the problem eventually disappeared by itself. I had to work from Chrome for sometime, and then suddenly access through Firefox was back again. Probably some bug was fixed by the Evernote team. Thanks a lot for everyone who tried to help! UPD And once again: no, it was not FF update in my case. The problem started in 78 and was not solved by upgrade to 79. I still have 79, with updates disabled, and the problem is fixed.
  2. I see. In this case I would appreciate if you refrained from commenting here unless you can contribute something constructive. Moreover, maybe you don't undertsand it but you are not helping Evernote reputation by your good intentions at all. Of course I don't have any legal or ethical rights to expect anything, and I don't. Jusr read this random article https://usefyi.com/evernote-alternative/ and you may start seeing what I am getting at. When customers are told that they have no right to demand anything, they humbly agree...and go away somewhere else. I think the main outcome of this thread is that I will have a very serious look at OneNote. Maybe it is indeed time to switch. Tired of bugs and lectures on ethics instead of tech support.
  3. Just one question: are you a developer? Are you from the Evernote team? Yes or no?
  4. No, not really. I didn't wanted to waste my time but OK, I will explain. It is very simple. The distinction is not between free and paid. It is between decent work and *****. I own a lot of different software both for hobbies and for professional needs. Some of it is free, with possibility to pay for extra options, some is cheap, and some is very very expensive. If I need support even for cheap or free products I always get it, the same speed and quality as for paid stuff. Because for a true professional offering some products for free does not mean going so low as to provide crappy service. It is a matter or professional pride and it is clever from the business point of view. I will gladly pay more if I see that free product is excellent and well supported, but will never ever upgrade if cheap option is *****, and developers economize on customer support. These are things like attitude, reputation and so on. I do hope that you are not a developer and just a random user, otherwise I would have immediately switched to another service. It is really not a good marketing strategy to tell your customer "take what you are given and bugger off", especially in a competitive field. You may of course, but you will see the consequences very soon. Anyway, enough of this *****. Folks, if anybody comes across some constructive working solution please let me know. Thanks a lot in advance!
  5. No, I will not upgrade, even temporarily. I really don't think free users should pay for fixing major bugs. I will wait a bit a see if the problem is resolved. Maybe more people will run into the same problem and eventually somebody will find a fix. If not I will switch to another service. I see there is a new question next to mine "Can't login using Google account". I am pretty sure the topic starter is having exactly the same issue. I also get stuck with white screen at the login stage. I checked today from the office computer - it works, the same Firefox version and Windows 10. What can possibly be different on my laptop? Tried running Firefox in Safe mode, disabled anti-virus, cleared all cache and cookies again - nothing helps.
  6. Nope.. tried reverting to the previous version, changing to the new, going back to the current -it does not change anything. White screen after login window, reloading brings me back to the login-password stage. I can't even access my account to be able to write here, have to switch to Chrome. Thanks a lot for trying to help... Just to make myself clear: I did NOT install, update or change anything. I generally never do unless I absolutely must because older versions become incompatible. For me these things are tools, not toys, and I would be more than happy without any upgrades which are mostly useless and a waste of time anyway. It just suddenly stopped working. I know I am not a subscriber but there are millions of us who are used to keeping things at Evernote, so it would be great if the developers could help a bit.
  7. Hi, thanks a lot for your reply! This is not an issue of Firefox update: it started before the update and was not solved by updating to 79.0). Clearing cache, restarting etc were the first things I tried, it did not help. I find it ridiculous that no support is provided by the developers... If anybody is having the same issue with the latest Firefox and managed to solve it, please help!
  8. Hi, I have the same issue, blank screen after login page. Windows 10, Firefox was 78.0.2, just updated to 79.0. Clearing cache and cookies, disabling cache in the web dev tools did not help. Chrome works fine. Also I can't contact support either in Firefox or Chrome, "submit a new ticket" brings me back to the starting "How can we help?" page. Please help!
  9. +1. Please let us choose the default view. Having notes as default view is like having all files on your computer mixed in one folder. I would like to see the list of notebooks on the left side which _stays_ there and does not jump back every time I click on a specific note. And a _preview_ list of all notes in this notebook on the right side (not only the complete text of the top note in this notebook), as it was before. And please make the black square with the notebook info and share button removable. Who needs this in the default view?? It only occupies space and distracts from the text. And: when you create a new note where is the option for uploading an image? The tool panel has disappeared. I know I can drag the image to the note but it means I have to minimize the browser window every time! Please, please do something about it...the update has made Evernote almost unusable for me, but I'll hope for the best and wait.
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