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Evernote Sharing problem

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Hi Everyone ,


Hope everyone is doing good :-)


I have two accounts for Evernote which is configured as below ,


user1@proimageexperts.com   -   It contains all the main Notes and shared notes with user2 Account ( View Only )


user2@proimageexperts.com  -   It contains only shared notes shared by user1


So basically user2 is only having the shared notes . My problem is whenever user1 is in process to update notes ( Typing ) and meantime user2 syncs his notes ,then user1 notes gets disappeared .Then user1 has to write the note again and sync.


Please help me to solve this issue.


Thanks in advance .

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If you're also user2 - is that account open on a different device somewhere?  The automatic sync within Evernote might regularly confirm all notes within that account as unchanged.  If (for example) user1's changes to a note at 0815  are synced at 0845,  but user2's account has synced the original note as at 0830,  then that will be the 'latest' version.


Best practice is - don't have the same account open on more than one device at a time.

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Thanks for your reply.


User2 is logged in multiple PC's and they use to sync the notes shared by User1.


My problem is when I type something to update my notes and meantime if someone (User2) syncs the note. My notes get disappeared .


Can I stop auto sync in Evernote for everyone .


Thanks .

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Not sure you would want to do that, you will still have issues with conflicts if more than one person edits a note.  


But if you do, go to Tools - Options - Sync and uncheck Synchronize automatically.  Buyer beware.

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