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How do I return to the webpage of a clipped webpage? (driving me a little crazy!)

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Hello there,


Since Evernote launched its new version I cannot find how to return to a clipped note anywhere.


For instance, say I am on www.google.com, I clip the page, open up Evernote and view the clipped 'www.google.com' in Evernote there seems to be no option to open up that page again in a browser or view the URL.


It has made evernote a little useless since as all the website pages I have clipped I now cannot actually return to them as their URLs appear no where - but only view them through Evernote.


There may be a simple answer to this - can anyone help?


With infinite thanks.

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You don't state what EN version you are using. The web clipper of the Windows version automatically adds the URL to your note when you clip. The URL is visible top right side of the note. It is good practice to always check if it has added the URL (sometimes it does not) & if it has not, add it manually by clicking on the "i" in the top right hand corner where you can fill out the appropriate box.

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In the mac version, the url appears next to the date information.


If your cursor is in the text of the note, this will be hidden by the editing bar, but if you switch your cursor to the title, it can be seen. 

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