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How do I turn on manual sync?


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So I know that it is nice to have a program that constantly syncs for some, but do they plan on making it a little more versatile. By that I mean a sync control feature, such as either a setting that allows a user to set it up to sync either when they want or set it up to sync automatically at the rate they chose. That being said this is a great tool. It allows me to keep my thoughts on topic and as a IT guy that is great; however for someone with mild ADD the notifications and constant syncing can be as frustrating as the software is helpful. User control is easy enough these days and we are all old enough to make decisions on when and what we want to save. So why not?? Maybe, sadly, the IT guy is missing the point because he has worked mostly in networking were we learned that the user feeling "in control" (whether that is true or not) is everything. Let me know your thoughts Evernote community.

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And for fine-tuning, use F9 to manually sync when you want. I manually sync whenever I do something substantial with Evernote such as  Export / Delete Trash / Major data entry.

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