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WebClipper for Yahoo mail does not work

Mata Hari


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OneNote Clipper does the job with any webmail.
It is also very easy to send mail from ON  - unlike EN.

I tried the standard method to email to EN from Yahoo.mai.

Surprise, surprise- it works !!


I also have read discussions on this Forum reguarding EverMail (EM) - which converts Apple Mails to EN. 

I need to move mails to EN without internet connection. Is EM doing that ?


Integration with Apple Mail

I tried to email to EN.

It is not to my liking. Attachments (png) are shown as links only. It would be nice if they could load automatically as an option.


i have tried a script :


It is not to my liking. It is only handling plain text, no attachment.

Are there other scripts ?

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