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Windows High DPI Support: Still No Solution After Three Years?


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For over three years now, 13.3" 1080p display laptops have been on the market, all of them requiring some amount of high DPI scaling (from 25% up to 200%, depending on the eyes of the user). Last year we started to see 3200 x 1800 resolution 13.3" laptops, forcing 100% to 200% scaling. Any high performance laptop will have a 1080p or better screen. I'd have to think a healthy portion of Evernote's paying customer base is not buying $299 laptops, so more and more of us are switching to high DPI displays. And let's not forget we're living in a world of 4K and 5K desktop displays...


In three years, Evernote has yet to release an update to make the text in their app something other than fuzzy when even 25% high DPI scaling is used. I appreciate that this is a tough problem to solve (I've read some old threads here), but it's been three years. Browsers - Chrome, Firefox, IE - have all solved this.


I just purchased a new Dell XPS 13 (with the 1080p display) and using Evernote is quite an eyestrain now because everything is blurry. I've been a paying customer for many years and really do love the app...but it's harder to use now. I know there's a fix here, but 99.9% of users will not be comfortable doing this. And I get the feeling if it was a solid fix, Evernote would release an patch to simplify the install for users.


When will Evernote solve this problem?


EDIT: I was surprised when this fix worked insofar as the text was no longer blurry. Is there a way to hard-code it into the app for users that don't discover the fix?

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Hi.  If you've seen the other threads,  then you know the arguments and the current situation.  I'd imagine that Evernote has improvements in hand but they don't (normally) share progress or delivery dates until they happen...

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I'd imagine that Evernote has improvements in hand but they don't (normally) share progress or delivery dates until they happen...


I agree. But I also know, having worked for large corporations with consumer-facing products, that unless customers speak up loudly, and often, about issues they can be ignored. If every Evernote user who was frustrated by a lack of high DPI support (or encrypted notebooks) posted in the forums, Evernote might take notice. I purposefully started a new thread vs. just posting a comment in an old thread because it's more visible.


I get that this is a hard problem to solve, but sooner or later the hard work has to get done and a product delivered that works well on modern hardware. Putting it off until ALL your customers are ticked off isn't a good business strategy. :-)

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