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Viewing Old Notes Categorized by Notebook


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Recently I downloaded and started using the Windows desktop Evernote client in conjunction with my Android device to make it easier to view at home. I opened the program up and opened a notebook. It opens to the newest note I made in the notebook. Fair enough. Then I realize that it's not showing my old notes. Right, so there must be another tab that opens if I double click the notebook, it shows that there are 5 notes within the notebook. Nope. It doesn't open anything, it just tells me that there are 5 notes in there. That I can't access. I can't figure out how to open older notes without having to go through every single note I ever made and finding it manually.


I must be doing something wrong, because I'm fairly certain that nobody is daft enough to make a notebook app that only lets you view the newest note, or attempt to find the note you're looking for by slogging through ALL the notes made to date. Please tell me I'm just being stupid, otherwise this is one hell of an oversight. Regardless, I'm puzzled as to why the desktop version isn't nearly as intuitive as the mobile versions.


My apologies for the tone, but please understand that my nerves are somewhat frazzled by this problem since it really shouldn't be an issue.


Edit: Nevermind. I was indeed being daft. My computer had the note list disabled for some reason. I dislike technology sometimes....

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