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Problems with monthly data allotment not resetting



I've attached two screenshots showing this problem.  When I login to the web version of Evernote, I see that I have nearly 60 MB left in my monthly data allotment.  When I use the Evernote Mac client, it shows that I've used all of my data allotment and won't allow me to sync any additional notes.


Any ideas what to do? I've reached out to the support team but I haven't heard back yet.







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This has been a constant issue for me with the Skitch app.  After maintaining transfers below the monthly quota for years I went over in February this year.


Ever since February Skitch always indicates I am over the limit, at the same amount (55.9MB of 60MB).


I removed the app and the plist files prior to reinstalling . End up with the same notice of exceeding monthly allotment.


Evernote.com reports 56.9MB remaining


Evernote.app reports 40.7MB of 60MB used.


It's counterintuitive, but if this was not so annoying I'd probably pay to go Pro.




04/20/2015 - 12:46 PM EST


Evernote App – Version 6.0.8 (451398 Direct)

Skitch App – Version 2.7.6 (263759)

MacBookPro 8,2 Core i7, 2.3GHz
15-inch, Early 2011
10.9.5 (13F1066)




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Hi.  Nitpicking I know,  but Skitch doesn't have an upload limit;  that's an Evernote thing.  And yes,  it can appear different on different devices - that may be because each one keeps it's own tally of what has been uploaded which is reset by Evernote's server each month.  The server's score is the only one that matters,  and you can find that on your "My Account" page at Evernote.com.


You can remove that annoying notice easily by upgrading to premium,  even if only for one month;  the far higher monthly limit of 4GB should deal with any remaining notes that are probably rolling over from one month to the next after you overran the maximum a month or so ago.


If you decide not to upgrade,  then you'll probably see that reminder for a while - you could set up a Local (unsynced) Notebook and set it as your default notebook - all new notes will go there whether or not you've exceeded the limit,  and you'll be able to see whether or not you might need to upgrade because of the volume of new/ changed notes you're now processing.

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Ah ha.  A careful review of the Skitch Notes shows several old ones with the sync logo in the bottom right corner.  These images are not available on Evernote.

The Skitch app appears to be syncing to its limit each month adding a few images at a time.  Definitely that rollover you mentioned.


I'll have to check this in say 21 days...

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