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Loading time for large notes

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I've recently been doing research for multiple e-commerce website interfaces and keeping my investigation notes on Evernote which includes multiple screenshots and I like using Evernote's quick annotation functions.

I ran into a problem when I exceeded the file limit of 25mb for the free version and opted for the premium without hesitation and continued my work. Now when it came time to show my co-workers the fruit of my labors I share the url of my note but tested it out myself before I make an ass out of myself, by golly jeepers this note couldn't load to save its life and I have a 850mbps connection. What is the point of promising me 100mb per note in premium and charging me $40 a year when you can't even deliver.


This problem then became two fold, I then decided you know what, I'll split my note into segment maybe that'll help. But when I copy and pasted segments into new notes, but when I did so I only realized that it doesn't transfer the images i included but I already backspaced them from my original document. And guess what the undo function doesn't work on this simple single editing step..


So now I'm desperately looking for a way to see if I can restore the previous version of my note because it wasn't actually deleted.


And before those of you who are telling me to go to note history to look at the old version, it's not about having a solution to this problem. It's about the jump in quality and what the business promises me when I start handing over money and a problem that shouldn't have existed in the first place.

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Go to note history to look at the old version...

Although, I can't shake this feeling that something is telling me it's not about having a solution to this problem.

Wait... You're desperately looking for what?

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My normal observation on account limits - they're warnings,  not targets,  or selling points.  If you have lots of information to share,  it would have been my strategy to save lots of individual,  shorter notes in a notebook and to share out that notebook,  not a single note.  I was involved in a project which needed lots of screenshots for documentation purposes,  and that notebook is 900+ notes which - apart from anything else - allows me to jump to the right individual shot instantly when I need it.

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