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Is it possible to tag a shared note with Evernote Basic?

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Is tagging in the free edition possible?

It don't work with my account. If I dry, I get the message "Nur bereits in diesem Notizbuch enthaltene Schlagwörter können zu diese Notiz hinzugefügt werden. / Contained only been in this notebook Tags can be added to this note". You have a solution for me?

Thanks Martinpost-254411-0-11612300-1428495432_thumb.

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On 10/04/2015 at 11:33 PM, gazumped said:

You can only apply tags that have already been created by the owner in shared notebooks...

I'm still correct,  but if you set up a note in the shared account which is monitored regularly by the owner of the account,  it's possible to list all the currently available tags in that notebook,  and for users to add requests for new ones with a check box.  The owner of the account can create the tag and tick the box to show it is now available.

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