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Feature request: allow shorter date notation in e-mail


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I love the option of adding a reminder to an e-mailed note by adding "!yyyy/mm/dd" to the e-mail subject. However, I find that typing the whole date is often somwhat awkward,  especially because most of my reminders are in the relatively near future such that the year is not that relevant. How about allowing to type !mm/dd instead of !yyyy/mm/dd, where the date is always interpreted as being as soon as possible? Then, you would only have to specify the year if the date is more than one year away, and this would save typing half of the characters. At present, doing this just adds an undated reminder.


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Hi.  As you note,  many 'to-do' apps recognise words and phrases like 'today',  'tomorrow' and 'in a week' and it would be great if EN could do something similar - until then I use a text expander (Phrase Express) to insert dates like '20150409 1109' with Ctrl plus one keypress.  I'd imagine you could do something similar with your workflow.  PE does it for me automatically - there's a 'today'-style function to generate the date,  and you can add your own calculations to that,  so today / tomorrow / in a week etc. could be one keypress each.



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