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Impoerting a list of URL's into Evernote



I have a cvs file in the format of url,title,states,starred,etc


All I really care about is the URL and title, what is the best way to import these files?  I would want one url per note.  Ideally, I would load each url in a tab, which I can pretty easily do right now, and then Web Clip as a bookmark.  But there are around 100 of them.  Looking for a way to automate that process.


I also have an html page that is a long list of urls that are clickable.  I would use that to open all urls in tabs as I have a script I made that takes a selection of url's and opens them all in tabs.

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I found an even cooler way to do it.  First I found a rather simple applescript, honestly 90% of it was because EN crashes all the time on the guy so he wrote tons of code to check if EN was alive and if it had crashes to check a counter based on a search result in EN on where to start the process over again. One way or another, he was getting his data imported. :)


but I was not a 100% fan of the way it goes in, in AppleScript as far as I know, you can create a note based on a url and it will create a note in the "full page" format, where it essentially grans the html of the page and renders it in evernote.  ( Why are they not using the webkit engine on the Mac here? the engine they use now is pretty terrible IMHO )


These were items from instapaper, so I wanted the text only read offline view that I was used to for offline reading... No distractions, no ads.

I found on IFTTT there is an RSS to import to EN.  I then found an RSS service that does what Instapaper does with it's scraping a page down to the plain text.  Only if the RSS sender has set it to view on brief descriptions of the articles, you were stuck.  These services ignore that, and grab the entire article.  So in IFTTT, I just pointed to the web service that takes an RSS url and grabs all the text data, sends if off to Evernote, with some other notes as to the original source, author, correct title, it looks really nice.  The RSS to full text service is under load and fails often right now. He said he was working on it in 2013 on twitter :)  I have reached out to him to see whats up, he is using CloudFront, so I'm not sure where the bottleneck is.  At any rate, IFTTT runs again and again and this is an import and can happen over time.  


I login to Instapaper and move 5 items from the archive folder to the "send to evernote" folder.  Next I will try 10, then 15, then 30, then 100, and see if it takes them all in or I there is a limit, or I miss some, etc.


So far so good, it is working, and doing them in batches of 5, I can go through them in EN, clean them up if need be, or delete them and wonder why I thought that was worth saving.

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