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I disabled auto purchase for my annual ever note subscription, just because I don't like to be auto-billed.

what will happen after the year is over? will it prompt me to upgrade again?

it won't delete my notes will it?

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The notes you've already uploaded will not be deleted, but you'll revert to a free membership meaning you'll be limited to how much you can upload (40 MB instead of 500) and file types (premium users can upload any file type as long as the file is under 25 MB & free users can only upload images, audio, ink, PDFs), etc. I don't know if it will prompt you to upgrade, but you can then go in & upgrade again, if you wish.

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I don't want to have automatic renewal of account.

What happen if I cancel my premium subscription back to free account to the file types which I was previously allowed to upload because of my premium membership ? I know in Free account, I cannot upload files other than pdf, image...; Can I download the "other" files from my evernote I uploaded before ?


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If you go from Premium to Free, all of your existing notes will stay the same. You can still read and access the Premium files in your notes, but you won't be able to edit them or add new files of that type unless you go back to Premium.

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