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Desktop app version 6.0.8 and where are files stored



I looked in the forums, and everyone for the mac points you to app support depending on if you downloaded it from the store or the site. I don't remember which i did, but none of my data is in any of those locations.


I found it my going to the about EN box and holding the option key and appears a link to "open data" or similar.


I have 163 folders in ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.evernote.Evernote/accounts/www.evernote.com/100860659/content 

I have much less than 163 notes.  I can poke at the notes on my filesystem by data and find the earliest one, it was a test note, I have since deleted it.  Why does it remain in my filesystem?  How can I clear this up before I get too deep into evernote?
Can I export my data, find some steps to delete every trace of it from my computer, as it seems to put bits and pieces all over the place.
Would it be better to use the Store download one as that is sandboxed, or are files still stored outside the sandbox?  How long will the direct download method be supported and is one superior to another in any way, even if it is just file layout and cleanliness of organization on the local file system?
Any idea why my data wasn't cleaned up?
Mayeb a few people could check their's, I bet you some have a GB or more of data that is essentially dead data.
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Also, what is the directory called "purgatory" and why is there so much data in there, data which is also deleted and dead?


Just ran a test, moved purgatory to the desktop, relaunched EN, all was well, made a new note with a strange word in it, synced, deleted the note, quit EN, looked in purgatory, and there is the data, all of it, for the note I just deleted.  EN has a bug that it is not cleaning up after itself when you delete things.  Or is there a schedule in which it deleted things?  The word purgatory implies it will sit there forever, though I am not up on my EN Christianity :)

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