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I've created a notebook with all of the offices we work with across the country.  I've added their office name and physical address to each note so that they will show up on the atlas and I can look at them in an interactive view.  I have about 68 notes but only the first 12 are showing up.  Can anyone help me with this?  Thanks! 

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AFAIK, EN for Windows still does not accept an address in the "Location" field under Info. It only accepts latitude and longitude.

True, poor choice of words on my part.  Particularly when there is an address field which for the life of me I can't determine how it gets created or modified.  I suppose from notes I created on my phone, but that doesn't even track.  Oh well, thanks for the catch. 

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Don't give up. - - - I pasted a step-by-step procedure below to obtain the latitude and longitude for a street address. - - - It is a manual, one-by-one procedure, but it gets the job done.


  • Go to Google Maps on the Internet. (You may need to be in the "Classic" view.)
  • Enter the address of the place you want to specify as the location for a Note in Evernote. Google Maps will show a map with a pin specifying the location.
  • Right click on pin. A little menu of choices will pop up.
  • Click on "What's Here?" A box will appear below the search box.
  • The latitude and longitude will appear in the Search box.
  • Copy them.
  • Start up Evernote.
  • Find the Note where you want to specify the location.
  • Click on "Info".
  • Click on the words "Click to To Set Location". A little window will pop up.
  • Paste the latitude and longitude.
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No idea, don't even know if they lat/lon are designed to be shared, seems they should be.  If no one else comes forward with any information you might consider a trouble ticket or chat to get the answer.  Sorry no help. 

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Bonnie89 - Unless you are using the web-based EN, you need to synchronize EN before another person will see your changes. If you have not synced before, that is likely the problem. The other person will need to sync after you sync.


To confirm this, I added a longitude and latitude to a Note using the Windows-based EN. I synced and I could see them (and a map) in the location field on my iPad and iPhone.

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Analyst444 - We are using the Windows Desktop EN.  We have separate accounts so it'd be a different situation than sharing it to different devices within the same account.  We're sharing a notebook that we both want to make changes to and have it show up on Atlas.

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Bonnie89 - I have 2 EN accounts. I share one Notebook between them. I added a latitude and longitude to the "Location" field of a Note. I synced that EN account. I then synced the other EN account. The latitude and longitude came through just fine.


Unless you are experiencing a syncing problem, I am afraid I don't know what to suggest.

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