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Is there a way to save notes or notebooks as .txt files?


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Notes are stored in ENML within Evernote,  and can be exported to ENEX or HTML format,  or printed to paper or other formats if you have appropriate software installed.  Simple text is not easy to come by if you're dealing with a lot of notes.  In a single note you could always cut and paste your content into Notepad,  and c&p any edited content back to the note.  But AFAIK there is no way to output text files in volume,  without having to convert one or other format into text externally to Evernote.

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I'd like to save a particular notebook or just individual notes in that notebook as text files so I can store them on my computer and open them in notepad. Is that possible?


You could do this in a two-step process, but both steps are pretty easy, and can operate on batches of notes/files:

  1. Export the EN Notes of interest to HTML
  2. Use a document converter to convert the HTML files to .TXT or other desired format.

    One example:  Pandoc - Universal Document Converter

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