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(Archived) Recovering earler version of a note



I opened a note that I had already created in Evernote. I highlited the entire contents and posted new content OVER the original content. I need to recover the original content. Using OS 10.5.8. I know how to recover a DELETED note, but this is about recovering data that I "overlayed" ....I don't have Time Machine working, because I cannot make it work right...Any ideas?

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If working on your computer or phone and you accidentally deleted a note, there is a lag between when you delete on your computer or phone and when that deletion is synchronized to the evernote web page. S0, IMMEDIATELY -- THAT MEANS RIGHT NOW -- disconnect from the internet.

Then via another device (computer or phone) access your evernote account via the internet. Online now, share the note to your email account and make a change to the note. Then, reconnect original computer or phone and note will then be in your email and if you are lucky, there will be note on your evernote account stating synchronization error and there will be a link to your originally deleted note.

At least, that worked for me.

Good luck.


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