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  1. I have a folder in my hard drive which contains subfolders, jpgs, pdfs, word docs and so on. If I dump the entire top-level folder to my Paid Evernote (Version 6.14 Beta 3 (456163 Direct)), I then get a zipfile in Evernote that opens all the subfolders and files. So what happens if I put the original Master Folder (in my Hard Drive) in the Trash and empty the Trash. Will the zip file still open all my subfiles? My understanding is that it will.
  2. I'm looking for a way to keep outlined notes in Evernote: - usable on both mac and iphone. - should have a TREE structure down to at least four levels - collapsible ("foldable") at/from any level - ability to cut and paste any branch to another part of the tree - have complete backup functionality to hard drive - makes good use of swipe technology both in iphone and on trackpad - simple with FEW bells and whistles OPTIONAL FEATURES: searchable, taggable The free "Simple Tree Todo" app in iphone is really elegant, but missing a lot of these features, however, it does point to what I'm talking about. I do not mean mindmap software, this is closer to the outline function in Pages or MS Word. I have searched and found nothing really good so far.
  3. Gotasks is a free app independently created to sync Google Tasks to iphone (and???) .... see demos under "gotasks" in youtube. I'm not CRAZY about Google Tasks, but it DOES meet all my criteria AND I can use it in my iPhone. So that's what I'm goining to go with for now....
  4. Thanks, it's an intriguing program but does not drill down into a tree with branches and subbranches.
  5. Is there an outliner in Trunk for ES? It should have/be: 1. A collapsible tree 2. Collapsible sub-branches 3. At least 4 levels of branches 4. Able to move all or part of a branch to different branch on the tree 4. Can be used on desktop, smart phone, pads, and mac/pc/unix compatible 5. Good swipe/touch gestures UX selection If there isn't one, does anyone know of anything that would work? I've checked Google, Word, Pages, Wunderlist, Flowy, Flow, Springpad, Circuspony..... and none of them cover these criteria
  6. I opened a note that I had already created in Evernote. I highlited the entire contents and posted new content OVER the original content. I need to recover the original content. Using OS 10.5.8. I know how to recover a DELETED note, but this is about recovering data that I "overlayed" ....I don't have Time Machine working, because I cannot make it work right...Any ideas?
  7. It's hard to explain to the Unconverted the incredible potential of tagging vs folders. I still USE folders, and with tagging in Evernote, as I've just learned, you can put your tags IN folders. But tagging offers heretofore taxonomic possibilities that have not been improved on since Jacquard in the 18th century (I'm talking about data taxonomy for laymen here, not what may or may not be available to mathematicians and their ilk) I have not found a well articulated disquisition on the subject on the Net. For someone to "get" the brilliance of tagging, they have to have an open mind, and they have to be "walked through it". I guess a Camtasia production might be a good way to go, but I don't have Camtasia....yet IF anybody out there finds a good essay explaing the Power of Tagging on the Net, please let me know. Thanks.
  8. Oh I'm already sold on tags! Intellectually, I know that tags are potentially more powerful than folders. Putting the two together like this is pretty interesting....I still like the "cloud" of tags that Deli.cio.us offers...Evernote presents me with the challenge and opportunity to really implement tagging seriously. Re DRAGGING, I just retried it, and indeed, you're right, you can drag it to the "top" or "bottom" and then it will scroll FURTHER....you just have to wait about 5-10 seconds. I'm in a Mac environment btw. I think tags may take some adjusting to, but once you get the hang of it, they are very nifty. And really no different than folders/notebooks except offering more flexibility than folders/notebooks, since you can assign multiple tags. If I'm understanding your question correctly, in the Windows desktop, you drag the tag to the top/bottom of the pane & then the list will scroll up/down. When you get to the tag you want, you move your cursor toward the middle of the pane & the scrolling will stop. Then you drop the tag where you want it to be.
  9. Wow, folders for tags, how cool is that? I was about to suggest that Evernote adopt Deli.cio.us protocol of putting tags in a "cloud" with tags getting bigger the more they are used (still a good idea), but this is pretty cool. QUESTION: not that I'm playing with the folder feature, does anyone know how to drag a tag to another tag that is "far away"? The only work-around I can see is to drag the tag that is closer to the tag I want to take it too, and then drag it from there to the one I'm aiming at...which is pretty kludgey.
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