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Can I limit access to a single Evernote account?

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I have two small offices in two different states.  Is it possible for them to scan to my EN online account but only have access to their portion of the account? Example: Each office can only see information for their own files.

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Hi. If you use the same account, it is not possible, as the app thinks it is "you" logging in (I assume"them" = employees, so you have employees using this and you want the data separate -- if it is just you, then I'd recommend just using a notebook for each office).

However, if you use two accounts, the data can be kept separate. For you to access both, just switch back and forth from one to the other on your computer (easily done and quite convenient).

Alternatively, you could have three accounts, one for you and one for each office. Each office shares their notebook with your account, giving you access to everything, but they can't see your account content or that of the office.

Finally, there is Evernote business, with more fine-grain controls that might be better, depending on the situation

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