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  1. ClutterBGone, I began using your model by going to my past files in ScanSnap Organizer, making changes if necessary and making correct filenames. How do you "Scan to Evernote" and have the scan show up in the Evernote "Inbox Notebook" rather than just in "Notes" folder? I've tried to figure this out. I there a way other than copy & paste?
  2. Thanks GrumpMonkey, I figured that was the way it should work, just wanted to affirm. I'll look into the business EN.
  3. I have two small offices in two different states. Is it possible for them to scan to my EN online account but only have access to their portion of the account? Example: Each office can only see information for their own files.
  4. Thanks for all of the input. Maybe I'll have to tweak my process.
  5. I started my paperless journey about 3 years ago. I have a small business and scan all business documents and personal documents to ScanSnap organizer. I use Evernote (as well as Organizer) for reference materials, to do's and the like. I see where many of you scan directly to Evernote. Are you talking about business files? Am I complicating my paperless journey? Pros? Cons? By the way, I have redundant backup with both external hard drive and web backup.
  6. Yeah, I can solve a simple 5 minute problem in as little as three days:-)
  7. After 3 days of dealing with this issue, I posted this issue. I thought I had looked at all of the tag issues here, but I was wrong. I found a post where gazumped suggested renaming the Evernote database to Database.old. I did that and after the sync, everything seems okay - at least for now. Great site!
  8. I should mention, there is no problem with these tags on my laptop or Android devices.
  9. Some of my tags are not showing on this computer - Windows 7. I have uninstalled and re-installed Evernote. Some tags show, but most don't.
  10. How can I send a whole ScanSnap Organizer Cabinet with files files to Evernote and have them in the same folder/subfolder format? Or can I?
  11. I have two rental properties in two different cities. Is there a way the managers could share reports (documents & spreadsheets) in my premium account without the ability to access my personal notebooks? If yes could you explain? I do some traveling and it would be helpful to access these reports.
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