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Cliping multiple quotes/articles to the same noe


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Hello everyone, 



I use evernote when I am researching about a topic. and would like to quote multiple parts of the article on the same note.


As an example, when research about "2 stage sequential turbo systems" I would like to save a forum entry but only quoting a relevant post to my research, on the quote there would be the block i selected and the link to the full article.


The web clipper always assumes I want to create a new note, and always saves me the full article on that note.


I would like on certain cases to directly work on the same note.


How can I do that ?

Or is my method wrong ? If so, what do you recommend ?





Alfredo Palhares

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At present the Web Clipper will always create a new note when clipping. You can merge notes in the thicker clients by selecting them and then use the merge action. The source URL will be remain available for all merged notes in the 'merge header' after merging them. 


I recommend you start using the Selection clip which requires that you select the content on the page you want to clip before starting the Web Clipper. Then it will only clip the selected part and once you have all small bits from various pages you can merge them into one single note in an Evernote client. 


We're looking into improving this workflow in the future so that you can make multiple clips into one note in the Clipper flow. 

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Evernote 3.1 does this perfectly. You can keep adding clips into the one note (by clip and paste) with the brilliant true-to-name Universal Clipper that comes with 3.1. My work requires clipping image material (mainly digitised newspapers, but also images from databases, spreadsheets, maps, photos etc) from a variety of sources/pages/formats, adding any required keyboard comments. and composing them into one note. New clips, comments etc can be inserted before, after or between any of the previous clips (or even, if width allows, adjacent to an earlier clip). New clips can be added at any time, and in any order, even years later.


The 3.1's Universal Clipper has a click-and-drag-the-rectangle cropping facility, so you just clip the exact required section of the map/database/image/newspaper-page you want. Clean, simple, never fails.


Unfortunately, I don't think that Evernote 3.1 and the latest versions can co-exist on the one computer (I could be wrong about that). I'm lucky to have an old 'spare' computer for inputting Evernotes - Evernote's servers then update  the composite note(s) to my other computers and my laptop - which use latest versions (or, more often than not, I use the web version).


Evernote 3.1's Universal Clipper and 'composing flexibility' were what made Evernote such a stand-out program, and I'm at a loss to understand why that flexibility was abandoned - there must be tens of thousands of users who  need to compose more complex notes in the way we need to.


Of course, with composite notes, you may need to do extra clips & pastes to record the source URLs.


And Evernote 3.1 doesn't have the nice bells and whistles of the modern versions.


[Experienced user - since Evernote first began; Windows; Chrome browser; 19,000+ notes with something like 100,000+ component notes]

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Hello thanks for the feedback.


@jbignert  Thanks for the help, I will create a temporary notebook and them after collecting the data in one note move to the notebook


@frankwill Unfortunately, evernote does not support Linux, so I am limited to the web clipper and online interface.

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I have been a keen Evernote user for many years (using Snow Leopard 10.6.8), and loved the Evernote clipper where I could select and clip part of a screenshot and it would paste it (along with many other clips until I Saved to Evernote) - to a holding clipboard that displayed as a drop-down screen just below the Evernote icon right at the top of my screen on my menu bar.

I recently upgraded to El Capitan and am distraught to see that this fantastic feature has disappeared.  

With the new Evernote Clipper, all I appear to be able to do is to select ONE screenshot clip and then it saves it as a whole new Evernote which is several clicks away from where I'm working, and gives me nowhere near the speed and flexibility of clipping that I used to enjoy with the original version.

Everywhere I look these days, it seems that technology seems to be moving not forward and getting better and better - but backwards, and this is a typical example.

On browsing the forums, I see an Evernote Rep advise a link to download the OLD Evernote Clipper for Chrome, but this doesn't seem to fix the problem. I used to be able to clip ANYTHING on the screen regardless of which browser or local file I was working on, and I am at a total loss without this excellent feature. 

Is there a link please, where I can download this ORIGINAL version that I used to enjoy before upgrading?

Thanks for any pointers!


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