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  1. I'm using the Windows desktop version 6.7.5. The web version still seems ok. Checked my Windows 10 laptop yesterday - it's using Evernote version 6.1.2. It was editing as normal yesterday (I don't use it very often for Evernote input) This afternoon it no longer allows editing. It has not updated itself, but would have done its first sync for a couple of weeks. It's almost as if something is happening during syncing.
  2. It's not just recent versions. I'm using version 6.7.5, and I have been unable to edit for the past few days. I cannot place the cursor anywhere inside the note. I can only select an image - but without any cursor - and only in the image selection mode (ie resize/stretch etc mode). I cannot add text, add a new line or anything else within the note itself. Windows 10, Chrome browser, premium account, long-time user.
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