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Not sure if this would be the correct forum.

I am developing a website.  In this process I collect notes in Evernote, including images.  I then attempt to drage these notes into Wordpress.  Evernote and Wordpress allow me to drag and drop, but the result is a long list of Oriental characters ?????  I could understand that I would not be allowed to drag and drop... but being allowed and being presented with Oriental characters is very confusing.  Anyone?

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Not sure what's up with the oriental characters, but sidestepping that issue, if there is no easy way to directly drag and drop images from an app on your PC (in this case Evernote) to a web-based platform such as Wordpress, one possible solution might be to set up an import folder (if you're using Windows). As part of your workflow when harvesting images from around the web, you can drag and drop into the import folder on your desktop - and set it up to not have those images deleted after import to Evernote. That folder should correspond to a destination notebook in Evernote of your choice... and each image will go into its own note. You can then view a gallery of images while in "Card View" in EN.

The benefit of setting up an EN import folder on your desktop is that you will also have a "copy" of each image on your desktop that you have in Evernote, which you can easily connect to from the Wordpress platform... Or you could drag and drop from there to the web.

Personally I like to keep images I need to use on other platforms in Dropbox for a number of reasons: just like Evernote it also syncs across devices, you can easily drag and drop or get a share link to embed... and you can search a folder on your desktop from web-based platforms as well as apps such as Adobe Indesign (plus Adobe Bridge), my Squarespace blogging platform, etc.

You can easily set up an import folder for Evernote and have it simultaneously live within your Dropbox hierarchy of folders. I use the regular free version of Dropbox. 


Whether Dropbox is part of the equation or not, saving images to a desktop folder is a cinch... and if you are on Windows, setting up an import folder(s) automates the process of getting images into Evernote. Even if you figure out the issue with dragging directly from EN to Wordpress, import folders might streamline your image-capture process to Evernote. It might be worth looking into as a side thing.


If you're going to further tinker with the image in Evernote by annotating it, etc., then you're better off with an extra step in your process: drag to desktop and then drag to whatever platform - that is if you can't figure out how to successfully drag from EN to Wordpress.

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@andrewg:  I think Frank is giving you sound advice.  I use DropBox a lot and it works very well.


If you can't get drag/drop work directly between EN and Wordpress, then you might try an intermediate step, like dragging the image first to your desktop (or other folder) and then from there to Wordpress.


I just checked in EN Mac 6.0.6, and it lets me drag an image to a folder in the Finder.

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Het Guys... thanx for the Dropbox info.  That may be handy.

Actually wordpress or the X theme I run with it has a sever gsallery for the images I upload.  I was just hoping that the research I do in evernote which include web clippings of text, links and images could be dragged into wordpress as they have been formatted already to a great degree.  I'm using the desktop version of Evernote.  I thought there may be local data files that could be copied or dragged.


But I was most impressed with the oriental characters when I did drag and drop.  What is with that?


Here is a screenshot on Lightshot  http://prntscr.com/6hqr2e

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