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Different number of notes reported among (synced) devices

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I've never seen this problem before, but my Mac reports 3000 notes, while my iOS devices report 3009. Evernote web reports 3009 notes. I've restarted the Mac app twice. All report that they are synced and up to date. Any ideas? Thanks. 

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It appears on deeper inspection that my Mac Evernote client is not syncing all the notes in one of my notebooks. This may have occurred on the recent update. All my other notebooks are syncing, and new notes are being added to the affected notebook, so I'm at a loss as to what is happening. 

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If I read it right you are showing more notes on the Mac than the web?  


If so, you might try adding a dummy tag to all the notes in the notebook in question and syncing.  It might force the unsynced notes to the web.  Another option is to create a new notebook and move all the notes to that notebook and sync.  You can move them back to the original notebook if that fixes it.


Don't know specifically how it got hosed though.

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