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How recover part of a note I deleted? (note not deleted, just one pdf item in it)



I was trying to move a pdf item down the page of a note, but it wouldn't move. Instead, it was deleted. However, the note with blank space where the pdf was remains and the note's title is still there, but not the pdf. This has happened to me several times, but of course, this time it is important to recover. I looked in the Evernote Trash - nothing. Looked in Mac Trash - nothing. Does anyone have other ideas? I sure wish there were an "Undo" button! Thanks very much in advance.


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Cmd-Z should undo a recent change during an active session,  or if you're a premium member (even for a short while) your Note History should allow you to step back to a previous version of the note.  If you were working in the installed EN Desktop and managed to prevent a sync,  you could look for the note (and the attachment) in the web version via Evernote.com.  And if the empty space still exists in the current note,  it may be that the attachment hasn't been deleted and what you're seeing is just a display error.  Always a good idea to have database backups too in case of issues like this,  and/ or to copy a note before making major layout changes so you have a fallback copy if that goes wrong...

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Thanks so much, Gazumped, for the advice. I did recover the pdf document using Note History, which I didn't know existed. I am a premium member. Although I joined EN in 2008, I never figured out how to use it until recently, so I am new to EN. As an experiment, I tried the Ctrl-Z (I use MS keyboard as I am a copious and fast typist), but I couldn't get it to work on either a pdf deleted file nor on a typed text. Oh well, at least I recovered the important document. Thank you!

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