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Evernote neither recognises txt nor accepts active stylus in windows

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Since I am neither google or microsoft obsessed, when evernote came with my new Sony XPERIA Z3, i was pretty curious and excited. In order to streamline my work, I install both the PC verison on my touch tablet laptop as well my sony phone. Yet soon, I found I have to give it up ...


What I need most is an app taking notes easily and effectively. The biggest flaws (or let's say low efficency) of evernote to me are:


1) PC version: Evernote does not interact with my active stylus pen, which turns complete useless for me.

2) Android Version:a, Evernote allows you to use "handwriting" mode, however, it doesn't recognise txt, just mechenically doodles them into digitially meaningless jpg/pdf.

b,  If you choose to use "handwriting" keyboard to input your txt, your drawing will not be able to stay at the position as you wish, eg next to your txt. The canvas and txt are sepatate.


However, One Note really does well in these aspects.


Really hope Evernote will add the major feature - "real handwriting notes taking", since working with active stylus pen should be one of the most important feature of notes taking. Then I will happily return.

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Hmmmm, Evernote works with my stylus for both my Surface Pro 3 and my Galaxy Note Tablet. In both these devices, I do have to select the stylus as the "keyboard" I want to use on some occasions. (On the note it automatically comes up when I pull the pen out, but on the Surface I have to select the stylus handwriting input, that seems to be the case for all apps.)

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