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Text cuts off on the right side of a note.


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I clipped a whole article from this website http://www.gamblincolors.com/artists.grade.oils/blacks/index.html , and the text cuts off on the right side of the page even though I expanded the page in evernote. I cant see the extreme right side of the text.

Help please.

Depending on how you clipped it, what area you selected, or what browser you're using, some types of web formatting can get in the way of good results. 


Edit: I did try clipping from the link that you provided, both using the web clipper, and via copy/paste directly from the page, and it seemed to work fine, with no cut-off. This is on WIn 7, Chrome browser.


Moving this to the web clipper subforum...

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Same problem, I clipped, but on tablet I cant see part of text in the right side, I recently installed Evernotr, but I dont have time and energy to fight it , I ve already lost lots of time trying to solve it. It simply doesnt work as it should....

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