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"Refine your search"



So now you can choose a notebook and then filter by by just the tags that are applied to notes within that notebook. Great to see this feature implemented on Android. I've been asking for it for years.


A couple of caveats and thoughts though:


1. On the tablet version it works as expected but on the phone version, when you try to refine the search you get the flat list of all tags, irrespective of the notebook you have chosen. I am guessing this is a bug since the phone is the only place where the functionality works like this now. Hope it gets fixed soon.


2. A request. Instead of having to initiate a search, and then refine that search, couldnt we just have a "Refine your notes list" button at the top of the notes list as soon as you enter a notebook? I find myself doing pointless single letter searches just to bring up the "Refine search" button.


I'm so glad to see this functionalty finally being added. I was always reluctant to go premium until now because I felt that Evernote on mobile devices was a good notetaker, and reasonable note searcher, but terrible as a note browser. Once the phone version is fixed I will upgrade to premium.

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Good to hear it is (partially) working, though I do wonder how you managed to do this. I have a tablet with v7 and clicking on the tags list after selecting a notebook just deselects the notebook and brings up the entire tags list.....

Could you tell me what you did differently?

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