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There are FIVE functions/settings that could make evernote the best utility ever!


1) Please ADD the possibility to RESIZE images into articles and to WRITE on the side (left or right)

2) Please INCREASE the PRIORITY of KEYBOARD SHORTCUT, why when i press CTRL-ALT-T (to insert tags), instead of that, it open other application with the same shortcut? (i have windows 7)

3) Please ADD in the FONT menu the USED FONT in the open articles; why i have to SCROLL  all the fonts to search a used font?

4) Please ADD the CUSTOMIZABLE edit bar in the articles (i want to add or remove buttons)

5) Please ADD the INCREASE/DECREASE font size in the edit bar in the articles



thanks for all



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No answer?

This days i writing a lot for my blog and i use evernote everyday...it very usefull to have a button to CAPITALIZE entire phrases instead to REWRITE all

I think that a button like that is a function that helps a lot blogger like me



I'm not sure what you're looking for.  Everyone has their own 1 or 2 (or more) features they think will make Evernote the "best utility ever".  None of yours are on my list.


Evernote claims they read all posts on the board.  I used to believe that, but am not sure at this point.  However, they do not acknowledge every post or thread, do not normally publish ETAs and do not post their roadmap.

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