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  1. Hi , i use Evernote for business and everyday project, im a writer and i found a very nonsense that a productivity tool like EVERNOTE made for writing in every situation DOESNT HAVE A UPPPERCASE FUNCTION, a simply button to convert sentences in uppercase just in one click! That is a very usefull feature that would save a lot of time. And please another very usefull feature is the possibility to write MORE THAN ONE LINE on the sides of pictures instead of ONLY ONE LINE AT THE BOTTOM as it is now. Is very anti aesthetic and uncomfortable write at the bottom of the pictures and not ALL AROUND. Without these features, Evernote will always remain a simple improvement of Windows Notes....:-( F.
  2. Hi, im a blogger and i use Evernote everyday. Please add a BUTTON to make UPPERCASE and CAPITALIZE entire phrases with just a click...its very troublesome rewrite all when you are on bus or taxi or writing on the street. Thanks for all M:C:
  3. No answer? This days i writing a lot for my blog and i use evernote everyday...it very usefull to have a button to CAPITALIZE entire phrases instead to REWRITE all I think that a button like that is a function that helps a lot blogger like me
  4. There are FIVE functions/settings that could make evernote the best utility ever! 1) Please ADD the possibility to RESIZE images into articles and to WRITE on the side (left or right) 2) Please INCREASE the PRIORITY of KEYBOARD SHORTCUT, why when i press CTRL-ALT-T (to insert tags), instead of that, it open other application with the same shortcut? (i have windows 7) 3) Please ADD in the FONT menu the USED FONT in the open articles; why i have to SCROLL all the fonts to search a used font? 4) Please ADD the CUSTOMIZABLE edit bar in the articles (i want to add or remove buttons) 5) Please ADD the INCREASE/DECREASE font size in the edit bar in the articles thanks for all M:C:
  5. PLEASEEEE SUPPORT FOR CHARACTERS WITH ACCENTS!!! It's very frustrating that to write articles for my blog with evernote i have to paste everytime À Á È É Ì Í Ò Ó Ù Ú in the top of the note in order to paste and copy it everytime!!! M:C:
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