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  1. I change my question then ... is there a forum that is read by EVERNOTE EMPLOYEES DEVELOPERS? ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„
  2. I'm not the first to complain about upgrades on this forum! Are there no programmers or personnel from the Evernote company? It seemed so, as you use the official Evernote logo. If there is none of Evernote here, is there an OFFICIAL forum run by Evernote that I can write my comments on? many years ago I wrote on this forum, writing ideas and suggestions, and no one answered me telling me that they would not read my ideas ... I find out today!
  3. thank you very much for your kind and long explanation. I agree a little on everything you say, but there are some points that I absolutely disagree with. The new version has some absurd inconsistencies, first of all, the effort made to integrate the html that I can also understand, but then I realize that the functions that FIRST made EN an immediate app, have now disappeared, I will mention some of them . 1. The INFO bar under the notes with the info of the written words is gone! 2. impossible to write the font values in the drop-down menu, you have to depend on those entered with a deviation of 2 (eg, from 14 to 16)! 3. In previous versions there was font 15, many of my notes used this size, now or 14 or 16 ... it doesn't make any logical sense! 4. The use of tags that made EN a very convenient app has gotten worse! 5. The slowness in opening the notes! 6. After more than 4 years of requests from many users, the caps lock via button is STILL not implemented! 7. It is still not possible to write in the middle-side of a photo! And much more that has not been done ... But all their efforts have gone into HTML integration ... and the result is an app that many users don't like. I'm sorry, I can understand certain problems, but what emerges is a company that does not aim to create a product that is truly effective in its use, does not solve users' problems and does not ask them for their opinions and feedback, otherwise many of these characteristics would have already been additions!
  4. If this is how you respond to user frustration with your bad choices, then let me tell you that your service is bad! And I'll stop using your service, looking for a better alternative. You are talking to a paid user who has been using your service for 10 years! And you don't even ask me questions? The only thing you can say is "uninstall if you find yourself wrong and go back to the version you liked"? Bah! ๐Ÿ˜ž You lose customers, plus you get a bad word of mouth, and for sure I will not recommend your application to anyone! (Which, in the past, I have done, I had many of my collaborators install Evernote). Many users were dissatisfied with this update! Think!
  5. CATASTROPHIC, SLOW and IMPRODUCTIVE update! I can not believe it! ๐Ÿ˜ž I used to have version 6 but when I clicked on update it kept telling me it was the latest version. After a year, I went straight to the site and installed version 10, thinking it was better! A disaster! I use Evernote on Windows 10 on a Notebook an Acer Predator 17! Evernote used to be fast, now notes open slower! I am a PLUS USER, so I PAY TO HAVE A FLUID, MINIMALISTIC and WORKING EVERNOTE. Among all the editors to manage workflows, I chose EVERNOTE for two main reasons: 1. its immediacy and ease of use 2. his minimalism in managing all the ten thousand notes that I have produced in more than 10 years. The new version has DESTROYED EVERYTHING! I wonder if you have any reference BETA TESTERS, users like me who write ALL DAY ON EVERNOTE and not on other programs, and I wonder if you LISTEN TO THEIR ADVICE, instead of chasing a market that aims only at new GRAPHIC FEATURES, and to use OBJECT DISPLAYS that burden systems unnecessarily and are used are by children and not by people who PAY FOR THIS SERVICE! Now the system is very slow, the notes are slow on opening, there is less space to find the information that really matters! WHERE DID THE STATUS BAR THAT BEFORE TOLD ME IMMEDIATELY HOW MANY WORDS I WRITE? Now you need to do CTRL + SHFT + I. Before, it was immediate information. You have paid developers to completely rewrite EVERNOTE, but YOU HAVE NOT STILL IMPLEMENTED AUTOMATIC CAPS, DESPITE IT IS A FEATURE REQUIRED BY MANY USERS FOR AT LEAST 3 YEARS ON ALL INTERNATIONAL FORUMS. What sense does it make then TO PAY TO HAVE THE HOME WITH POSITIONABLE CARDS? A really bad choice of MARKETING, which makes it clear that the company now only thinks about accumulating BONUSES like mass videogames do. Buy the COVERS, GRAPHIC CUSTOMIZATIONS AND BACKGROUNDS, pay us money, but does the company think about productivity? If they don't fix it and it's back to the practical, fast and convenient version it was before I don't think I'll pay again for this service that can die for me here! ๐Ÿ˜ž
  6. Hi , i use Evernote for business and everyday project, im a writer and i found a very nonsense that a productivity tool like EVERNOTE made for writing in every situation DOESNT HAVE A UPPPERCASE FUNCTION, a simply button to convert sentences in uppercase just in one click! That is a very usefull feature that would save a lot of time. And please another very usefull feature is the possibility to write MORE THAN ONE LINE on the sides of pictures instead of ONLY ONE LINE AT THE BOTTOM as it is now. Is very anti aesthetic and uncomfortable write at the bottom of the pictures and not ALL AROUND. Without these features, Evernote will always remain a simple improvement of Windows Notes....:-( F.
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