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Evernote Assistant Needed

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I need someone to come to my house and help me get organized with Evernote for about 3 or 4 hours per week. I am tired of teaching people how to use it. :angry:  It's not that complicated but for some reason, at least the people I meet, don't know ANYTHING about Evernote. :wacko: They get intimidated by it. I need to know more about how to use it myself but even at my level it's one of the most valuable tools I use along with my ScanSnap and "The Paper Tiger" application.


I have ADHD and Evernote helps me to be better organized. I've tried posting on Craigslist but I'm amazed at how few people know about it. Between Evernote and my Smartphone my ADHD is much more manageable.


If anyone is interested I live in Westminster, California and you can reach me by email at iclaudia@fastmail.fm but please put in capital letters EVERNOTE in the subject line so I can do a search for it. I have a ton of email so this will help me find more quickly.



Claudia  :D

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You might want to edit your email address out of your post and ask anyone interested to send a message through the board.  You may get more email than you really want.

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Wow, it seems like finding the emails from the help requested may be in itself a mission for you  ;)


I think that "slow and steady wins the race" is more than applicable here. Why not follow the Evernote blog and get your tips one bite-sized chunk at a time?

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