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I would like to download Evernote onto my mobile phone but am getting a message saying " your device is not compatible with this version"

My device is a B79 phone running android 4.0.3.

Is there a version of Evernote that I can use on my phone?



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Hi.  Are you getting that from Google Play?  I've a vague recollection that it's possible to ignore the screen and install anyway,  likewise it's possible to 'sideload' apps to any phone - download them to another device and then copy the APK file across - but in both cases Evernote isn't guaranteed to work if the warning is correct.  I would have thought that Android 4.0.3 was sufficiently up to date to run the software,  but the difference may be in the OEM features that your phone supplier adds to the mix.  There are no earlier versions of EN for Android that I'm aware of,  so the choice is to risk installing it and see what happens - but make sure that you keep backups of everything and are ready to factory reset the phone if things go really wrong - or do without Evernote on that device.

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