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Note Discrepancy Across Devices



Hello all, 


I am new to Evernote, signed up in 2012, didn't give it another thought, and then got back into it about a month ago. Within a month, I realized I needed the premium features, so I signed up last night and became a premium member. Of course, the typical thing has to happen.....having issues after I start paying money for a product. No issues prior to paying, nope that never happens. 


I started moving much of my stuff into Evernote....here are the stats.


14 total notebooks, 8 of them are stacked. 

Total notes are 128 so far, it's a long process getting much of my stuff in Evernote still.


Windows PC Laptop - 128 notes check!

Apple MacBook Pro - 128 notes check!

Evernote Web - 128 notes check!

Apple iPad - 128 notes check!


Apple iPhone - 120 notes....fail.


Strange behavior....ALL 5 devices listed have the correct number of notebooks, and the correct number of notes in each notebook. 


How do I account for this 8 note difference that exists only on the iPhone? Yes, I have tried syncing several times. I do NOT use local notebooks, everything is always in sync.




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