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  1. It's been a little over a month for me and I did the same thing that @adorno's gray did. I moved everything to DevonThink Pro Office Edition (One time fee plus I had some coupon codes). It has a higher learning curve and I had to really separate "what I think it had to look due to EN influence", but I've practically replicated my EN experience. Are there some issues? Yes, but not as big as my complaints that I had with EN. Will EN be around, will it get better? I still have almost 5-6 months of my subscription remaining, I am keeping a parallel system, just in case as a precaution. If things get better with EN, then maybe, but with my new workflow. I am leaning more towards downgrading my Premium account to Free. Then using EN for the non-essentials, the filler stuff, while using DevonThink for the more private notes that need the encryption. This isn't a plug for anything, just sharing my experience. I am also a mac user only. I left Windows about 6 years ago after being an adamant Windows only user.
  2. I've been on the fence for the last few months until about 2 weeks ago, I deemed that I was done. I've been an active user for 5 years now. I am on a mac, and I heavily use Evernote between all my devices (Premium user,), but there's always some lag, some issue, or something going on. With all the little hiccups, editing hiccups, conflicted copies of notes, a few sync issues, lack of markdown support, formatting issues. I ended up creating a parallel system in Devonthink Pro Office, been using it for 2 weeks. I am going to create another parallel system in Onenote since I pay for Office 365 subscription (not by choice). This isn't a plug for any software, just wanted to vent my frustration with Evernote, not to mention the disappointing news of the leadership shuffling, along with their "big" update of "colors and branding". I feel like no one listens to the user base. So yea. Will probably downgrade to the basic level soon.
  3. Hello all, I am trying to do a NAS / Evernote cleanup. I was curious on everyone else's setup. When it comes to bills, statements, documents, (99% in PDF) Do you store them strictly in Evernote? My current setup is they are stored in Evernote, and then another copy is stored in a file-system on my NAS. Considering deleting the copy on my NAS to be more efficient. But I wanted to hear from the pros/experts what you do, and the length of time using your system Thank you!
  4. Adding my voice to get Markdown support in Evernote.
  5. Thank you! I ended up deleting the app from my iPhone and then reinstalling it. Fixed it all. Thanks so much.
  6. Hello all, I am new to Evernote, signed up in 2012, didn't give it another thought, and then got back into it about a month ago. Within a month, I realized I needed the premium features, so I signed up last night and became a premium member. Of course, the typical thing has to happen.....having issues after I start paying money for a product. No issues prior to paying, nope that never happens. I started moving much of my stuff into Evernote....here are the stats. 14 total notebooks, 8 of them are stacked. Total notes are 128 so far, it's a long process getting much of my stuff in Evernote still. Windows PC Laptop - 128 notes check! Apple MacBook Pro - 128 notes check! Evernote Web - 128 notes check! Apple iPad - 128 notes check! Apple iPhone - 120 notes....fail. Strange behavior....ALL 5 devices listed have the correct number of notebooks, and the correct number of notes in each notebook. How do I account for this 8 note difference that exists only on the iPhone? Yes, I have tried syncing several times. I do NOT use local notebooks, everything is always in sync. Suggestions???
  7. Hello all, I feel like I should introduce myself so here goes... My name is Fr. Michael, I am an Evernote newbie since 2012, I say newbie, because I did not think it would go with my workflow back then, and abandoned the idea. I have now revisited Evernote for the last month trying to give it another shot, and see how to improve my workflow. I am so far happy and content, I am going with the following approach. Limited Notebooks (5-6 notebooks) and heavily relying on the tagging feature. So for example, instead of having a "Recipes" notebook, I would rather leverage the use of the "recipe" tag, along with a secondary identifying descriptor tag. Here is now where I would like to hear suggestions from the seasoned Evernote users....I do a lot of weekly speaking engagements. Up until a month ago, my workflow was write my brainstorming ideas on paper, and then open up MS Word to begin writing my speech topic. Save it in Dropbox so I can have it on my iPad and refer to it when I am speaking. At times, I would re-open the document from Dropbox into Word (Office 365) (since it's now on the iPad), and make changes, edit, and save back to Dropbox. --- (in case anyone is wondering why I don't use OneDrive instead of the Dropbox, had a bad experience with files being overwritten, and I felt Dropbox was more stable) So evaluating my workflow, these word files are on my Dropbox, and sometimes I want to know what I spoke about a few months ago, or what I referenced, and really I have nothing to go off other than the filename. (Cue in giving Evernote another try for this past month) All of my speaking engagements for 2013 have been inputted into Evernote, by that I mean, I opened each Word Doc, copied and pasted the text into a Note and titled it YYYY-MM-DD Title of Talk, Location and then tagged it with the appropriate topics. Questions/Concerns.... Should I just delete all Word files? Is there really a purpose to them, once it is in Evernote? If I attach the Word Doc, does the content of the Word Doc also get searched, or is that for PDF only (Seems to be this back and forth--someone had mentioned it was only for Premium users, but I was able to search one of my notes that had a PDF attached) Based on what I see, it doesn't look possible to export EN notes to Word..my only option is html, or PDF. (I always think back to that day when I received an email that Kodak Photo Gallery was shutting down and I had to remove all my images) Does anyone else have a better workflow to offer/advise that involves Evernote? Additional Information.... - My notes are not complex, even if it's a project, no more than 2 pages usually of bullet points formatted accordingly. - Complex presentations where I want the viewer to see something are usually done in keynote with fancy graphics - Evernote selling point for me is "a searchable filing cabinet" so to speak and to go paperless. Thank you and sorry my OCD-style rant.
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