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Share images same way as photosharing sites


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Presumably it is not possible (and maybe I should post it in the 'feature request'-section):


Would it be possible to share photos, saved in Evernote, with forum, viz. in the same way like the usual photosharing sites.

Meaning either an URL that I can paste in a forum, using the bb-code.

Same was below, so to say.


I would then be able to cancel my subscription to the photosharing sites.






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Hi.  OK the suggestion is made,  but I don't think it's a good idea - images tend to use up your upload allowance quickly,  are incorporated into Evernote's database structure and may have their image size or resolution altered,  and can't be captioned or commented on by you or your viewers except in the location they're linked to.  Plus you have to make the image publicly available to share it that way.  Plus there are far better photo management features in photosharing sites and they don't affect image quality.


In some ways it would be nice to have Evernote do a little of everything - but I'd rather have it be really good at what it does now,  without lots of extra bells and whistles.

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Okay, in case of so many disadvantages, well it doesn't make sense then.

Note that I would expect this to be an new feature for 'Premium' users then, in which case Evernote would compete with Photobucket, Imgur, Imageshack and the like. Often users are having a paid subscription for those services... meaning to say that it would commercially be attractive to use the Evernote premium services and cancel the paid subscriptions on photosharing sites (roughly $25/year or Imageshack even $37,50).


Don't know about the image size/resolution thing, surely you are right.

(btw: I read about Premium and hi-res images)

Then again, if an image/screen capture is used to be published on a forum, then usually the resolution doesn't play a big role.


About image to be available publicly: yes, an image should be made public using some 'scrambled' link (see my post).

Users may wish to create a specific folder for this purpose.

I guess it would basically work the same way as with photosharing sites: viewers may see the linked images only, but have no access to anything else.


Anyway, it is just an idea only... :)

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