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  1. Now, suppose you switch off the external drive. Close EN and re-launch it. Make a note, screenshot, whatever. Likely EN has created a new database on your C:\ drive Maybe(!) in such cases a registry change is the best solution. =
  2. Changing location may be easy. However, as said, I am not sure whether EN will remember the 'custom-path' once it cannot locate it. It is like having the database on an external drive, launch EN whilst the drive is not running. Close EN, switch on the drive, launch EN. Will it then reconnect to the database, or resort to the default settings? Have to say, I didn't try it. It gets a bit messy if you have already made some notes, before you discovered the drive wasn't running... =
  3. I know this is a relatively old thread,but am facing the same issue. The EN databases should be stored in an encrypted container (like TrueCrypt, BestCrypt), so they cannot be opened/read before first opening the container. I do this with almost all documents, .pst, pdf, doc, xlsx, but also screencaptures, clips databas, etc. Applications are launched after opening the container. I suppose(!), have not tested it, when relocation is done by using tools/options/general tab/change, there may be a small drawback once -in the above scenario- EN is launched before opening the container: it will not find the database and probably resort to its default location. Q: in such cases, will EN prompt user to correct the path before proceeding, i.e. warn that no database could be found on the given location? In that case I could quickly open the container and point EN to the database stored in it. Example: Outlook warns users that it cannot find its .pst file(s) and shows a pop-up dialog so users can browse to the correct location, select the .pst files and Outlook will continue the launch. =
  4. Okay, in case of so many disadvantages, well it doesn't make sense then. Note that I would expect this to be an new feature for 'Premium' users then, in which case Evernote would compete with Photobucket, Imgur, Imageshack and the like. Often users are having a paid subscription for those services... meaning to say that it would commercially be attractive to use the Evernote premium services and cancel the paid subscriptions on photosharing sites (roughly $25/year or Imageshack even $37,50). Don't know about the image size/resolution thing, surely you are right. (btw: I read about Premium and hi-res images) Then again, if an image/screen capture is used to be published on a forum, then usually the resolution doesn't play a big role. About image to be available publicly: yes, an image should be made public using some 'scrambled' link (see my post). Users may wish to create a specific folder for this purpose. I guess it would basically work the same way as with photosharing sites: viewers may see the linked images only, but have no access to anything else. Anyway, it is just an idea only...
  5. Presumably it is not possible (and maybe I should post it in the 'feature request'-section): Would it be possible to share photos, saved in Evernote, with forum, viz. in the same way like the usual photosharing sites. Meaning either an URL that I can paste in a forum, using the bb-code. Same was below, so to say. I would then be able to cancel my subscription to the photosharing sites. Thanks =
  6. Some newbie questions here. Up front, I have nót installed Evernote desktop yet, being uncertain about the below. I wish to use the Evernote Desktop-version: Q1: is there a Evernote Free version as well ? whilst assuming there is and in case I wish to upgrade from the Evernote Desktop Free to the Premium version Q2. will the data that I have saved in the free version be 'transferred' to the premium version? (or maybe it is the very same data, but some options/features are being 'unlocked' to get to the Premium account version?) If, at one point in time, I would like to return to a free version, what happens with all the data? (a user might have saved way above the free version storage allowance) Important thing for me is to be able to save webpages. Am using Firefox on Windows 7 x64. I think I need the Evernote Web Clipper add-on (Evernote Web Clipper 5.9.1) https://addons.mozilla.org/nl/firefox/addon/evernote-web-clipper/ regretfully it receives a 'mediocre rating' at best (latest reviews are 1-star only) Thanks! -
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