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New Evernote for Windows 5.8.4 Beta

Justin Street

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A new beta version of Evernote for Windows is available. You can download it here.


5.8.4 Beta Release notes:


  • New
    • Improved how application looks on high DPI displays
    • Available business notebooks can now be added directly from the notebooks menu
    • Taskbar icon illuminates when a new chat is received
    • Misc improvements to Work Chat and sharing
    • Misc improvements to Context
  • Fixed
    • Various bugs causing crashes
    • Bugs that may cause sync to fail unexpectedly


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I noticed to have less "not responding" things (when searching, changing from one note to another...) and overall better performance (not seriously tested though), tags seems to sync ok.


Right now i have 20 notes less in work computer compared to home....have to look the reason...

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I would add that the main category headers on the left bar: work chat, shortcuts, notes, notebooks, ect all appear to be a little too large based on everything else around them. It would recommend a slight size reduction for those headers as most everything else, including the items below the headers, size wise looks ok. Just the headers look too large.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The version renders blurry text even when it's running on the same display it used to run on without scaling (just a normal HD monitor, not high DPI).  I tried enabling the Windows compatibility mode "disable display scaling on high-DPI displays", which fixes most applications with this problem, but Evernote ignores this option and renders exactly the same.


I suppose Windows 10 might fix this problem, but that's too long to wait.  Evernote needs to implement the compatibility mode.


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  • 5 weeks later...

I want to reiterate what has already been said here, on the new Windows client text and the interface in general looks absolutely horrible! I have the Surface Pro 3 and now the interface is scaled correctly but everything is jagged and blurry. I have tried all available system fixes but nothing works, it appears Evernote needs to fix this. I have to use Windows for work and I pretty much live in Evernote but you guys obviously don't care about your Windows clients. The windows 8 touch app is just a piece of garbage and the desktop app is atrocious. At home I use Mac exclusively and Evernote is elegant and gorgeous,  it's apparent that Evernote couldn't care less about it's Windows clients and customers. I think it's time to give equal attention to the 2 most widely used platforms and figure out how to fix this nightmare. I absolutely love Evernote, I have been a loyal user for many years but this is getting annoying and I hope you guys are listening to this.

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