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  1. I had this problem for a while, however I deleted the app, reinstalled and it started working. Have you tried that?
  2. Yes I have checked this several times and turned it off and on. Per my original post it Spell Check works in all other apps just fine, not in Evernote. Frustrating that something so basic does not work. I opened a ticket and they said it was a bug a few months back, but not been fixed.
  3. My issues are still with Spellcheck and general typing/formatting of text and tables on the iOS apps. Just give me spellcheck and we will be off to a good start!
  4. I would suggest, as I have in the previous design thread, make the sharing options simple and easy. Make the toolbar customizable for usersChange the "New Chat" and "Share" buttons to be just icons on the toolbar that match the other icons such as sync and notifications. Apple has a standard Share icon they use with an arrow point upAfter clicking the "Sharing" icon, list all the options directly including Email a note.WorkChat can be its own icon but this could be removed if someone does not use it.
  5. It would be good to get this function working on Evernote, i would support this 10x more than work chat
  6. I want to bump this up as this has not been working for a LONG time. With all the releases of "Bug Fixes" I am not sure why such a basic thing is never fixed, but new Work Chat is added.
  7. This is where I would like to see Evernote improve and that is getting basic things like taking notes, formatting, and user experience down. There are lots of "quirks" that come up compaird to applications like Word or even Pages for the Mac and this was just one of them. Take time to get the basics down and have them work the same, as best they can, across all platforms.
  8. I was just working on a note today and I was typing on the last line of the note and when I got to the end the text did goto the next line however I was still typing on the bottom of the page. Basically my question is can this be fixed in the program to always allow a little white space between the last line and the window frame when typing? Shift the text up and give a buffer. I wish I could describe this better, but having the text scroll up one line earlier would be a solution. Attached is a photo showing this. Capture.tiff
  9. I have been using Evernote off and on for a while however recently I made the choice to stick with evernote for everything. I have an iPad Air with iOS 8.0.2 however I have been noticing issues with the app and curious if others are having them as well? 1) Spellcheck - It does not work in the Evernote app at all. I do not get any underlines or highlights on misspelled words. In other apps on my device the red underline shows up and I can select a correct or different word. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app does not help. 2) New Note Shortcuts - When I create a brand new note I am
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