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Email notes to child folder - not parent folder


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Evernote has the ability to add an emailed note to a notebook based off the subject line addition of "@<notebook name>", in the example notebok stack below it would be "@XYZ Company".

How do you email a note to a child folder (nested notebook) under XYZ company, like XYZ Company ----> Clients as shown below? "@XYZ Company/Clients" does not seem to work. ??


XYZ Company

      -----> Clients

      -----> Travel




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I think you are referring to "Stacks", where "XYZ Company" is a Stack.

Just use the "child" notebook directly in your email, as in "@Clients"


Just to clarify, Evernote does NOT have nested or sub-notebooks, only Stacks, Notebooks, and Notes.

Stacks can contain ONLY Notebooks, and Notebooks can contain ONLY Notes.


Does this help?

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Just use "@Clients". Notebook names in a single account are unique; you don't need the stack reference (and it appears that the email mechanism doesn't recognize it anyways).

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