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Livescribe Journal Pages pre tagging

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I bought a Livescribe3 but it's going back. My Livescribe WiFi Sky is still the best, thanks to automatic Evernote backup. Problem - organization. I try using a separate notebook for each project but as a creative writer, ideas flow when they do so different project ideas inevitably end up in the same journal. Tagging pages afterward in Evernote takes too much time, especially with so many notebooks (one in every location for ideas),

Is there a way to add a tag that Evernote will recognize, right on the livescribe journal page?

I thought of using a word that's not in the dictionary at the top of each page. Then, an Evernote search might work but I'm hoping someone knows of a more elegant solution.

What a shame that Evernote doesn't allow us to create rules for organizing, like email programs. Once people get tens of thousands of pages into Evernote, organization can become a full time job. Thanks

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The best (and laziest - my favourite) solution I've found for tagging within text is just to add a standard letter to the start of a word - Xmoney or Xfood forinstance means you can search for X* and get all words starting with X,  or Xf* will get you Xfood and any other similar words.  (That's useful if you forget exactly what word you used to tag something.)  The method is simple,  effective and (mostly) foolproof,  and importantly;  doesn't break your flow when typing.


On 'Rules' I have mixed views.  On one hand Evernote doesn't need a lot of organising.  Use the search function fully,  and you can narrow down any searches pretty well.  I have nearly 20,000 notes and 90% of them are in one notebook,  with minimal tagging.  The exceptions are shared,  WIP,  or offline searchable notes on my Android.


On the other hand,  with any serious number of notes you should expect to spend your time making the collection prettier - renaming / pruning / restyling content.  That's all curation work (or 'gardening' / 'caretaking'  etc) some or all of which is probably unnecessary in the long term.  But that's triggered by too many hits in a search,  by out of date data... - and the sort of thing that I wouldn't want an automatic system managing for me anyway.

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