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Merging conflicting notes with an external text editor (conflicting note best practices?)

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I have some very long notes that I've been appending to over 7/8 years using Evernote, recently there have been some conflicts with them. I'm thinking I could export these from Evernote and use a text editor to combine them into one, then re-import them to Evernote.


Does anyone know of a text editor that will combine text from 2 sources and leave out duplicate strings of text if it already exists in the file I'm combining to? An example of what to leave out would be sentences on the same line (or paragraphs) that are duplicates.


Are there any best practices or tools for conflicting notes, other than manually looking for differences then cut, paste, or delete? Open to all suggestions here, please discuss.



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You'd be wanting some kind of diff tool (i.e. file comparison tool). There are quite a few available. Not sure which OS you are running on, but you could start here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_comparison_tools. Generally, you have a window on the left for one copy and window on the right with the other copy; difference are highlighted.


I use BeyondCompare on Windows, and have paid for it personally, even to use at work (we have a different tool there).

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