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(Archived) WebOS PDK?

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Okay, I have to ask: now that Palm has announced the existence of the Plug-In Development Kit (PDK) that supports C/C++ apps, are there any plans to rewrite some or all of EN for WebOS using it? That would seem to provide some of the capabilities that would bring some parity to EN on other mobile platforms...

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Now that I re-read my post, I see that it could definitely have been taken the wrong way. So, to clarify... First, I'm don't mean to imply that the current EN for WebOS app isn't very useful and welcome. It is both, actually. Second, I don't mean to point out something obvious here. And who knows, perhaps you're already using it. :D

Rather, I know that in the past, there have been hints that Palm's Mojo SDK has some limitations that have been difficult/impossible to work around. I'm just wondering if the PDK won't make it easier to implement some functionality that exists on other platforms.

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No, didn't take it wrong, just didn't know enough to say anything more intelligent on the train ride home when I go through the forum. :-)

The more recent Web OS releases have allowed us to work around prior limitations (like access to the camera from within the Web OS app). C++ native code may give us more control, but we'd probably need to get the straight scoop about how this would affect our ability to distribute our application, etc. And the first version of any mobile API tends to be a bit rough ...


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I'm not a developer, but from what I saw today at CES it looks like things are great for those who are. I don't think the PDK will limit app distribution at all, and it seems to provide the best of all worlds--easy apps with Mojo combined with the control of C/C++. I don't know about the differences between the Objective-C that the iPhone SDK uses and C/C++, but if there's any crossover it would seem that porting functionality from the iPhone app would be relatively easy. EA talked today about porting some of their games over in a matter of "a few weeks." Seems impressive.

Anyways, just found it interesting. Looking forward to more great things from Evernote!

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