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Lost note





I used the desktop widget to write up an extensive note, clicked save and now its gone. I opened up Evernote and was asked to log in and update the app, which I did. Now I can't find this note anywhere??? I'm on Mac laptop running Yosemite.


Please help! :( :( :(




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Nope, its gone from all versions of this app. I need help to access the app's backup files or cache. And I can only make 2 more posts on this forum until tomorrow :(


I will be uninstalling this piece of ***** app anyway, but would appreciate it if it I could retrieve this note (sorry I know you didn't build it, but you can understand my frustration)

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I don't know about Macs, but I do know that on the Android client, Save is not the same as Syncing your work to the Evernote Servers. If you didn't perform a successful Sync, then yes, your note is unfortunately lost.

Unless any Mac Users see this and know of a way to see if a copy was saved to Lars' hardrive, and how he might go about retrieving it?

Sorry, you're having a crappy intro to Evernote, but I hope you'll stick around and learn what an incredibly powerful program Evernote really is.

Best of luck!

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Find your data (there's lots of threads on here that will tell you where it is).


Look in accounts/www.evernote.com/some numbers/purgatory


I think if you have data that hasn't been sync'd yet then it may be there.

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