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Low Contrast Rebellion!

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How much longer must we suffer through the low contrast look that Evernote has foist upon us?


While the seemingly gray fonts and icons may appear pretty, working with them all day long get exhausting. The low contrast text takes _much_ longer to read and comprehension suffers. Scanning a page for specific information becomes a challenge. The irritation factor increases when attempting to view the low contrast icons that can disappear unless the mouse finds itself on that portion of a page.


The ability of Evernote to run on multiple platforms is a great attraction. BUT - the UI from platform to platform displays great variation. Switching from platform to platform with the gray text and icons can become a game of frustration. I regularly use a desktop and and iPad as well as an iPhone. Working with these radically different designs does not make my day.


Apparently Evernote does not consider readability nor usability as useful.


A website's content is meant to be read. Content does not equal illustration!!!


Aesthetics are important but are not the ultimate goal of design. PLEASE view your UI from the user's perspective and NOT that of some artist.


Let's put an end to this low-contrast, light gray nonsense and use typography for its purpose: Making TEXT READABLE.

    Plesae see: http://contrastrebellion.com/


(I submitted this to support but only received a form letter.)


Cecil McGregor


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Thanks for posting this, @TrailingDots.


I couldn't agree more.  I have been requesting this for YEARS from Evernote, but to little avail.


Let's hope you have more luck than I in convincing Evernote to change.

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Dear Evernote,


This is not a minor issue. Please stop tweaking the app with redundant scanning features, etc. until you have spent the short time it would take to fix this (or give users an option).


Evernote is a core app, but it really is sad that you ignore this.


PLEASE! This is something that confronts every user, every time we use Evernote. 

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Thanks VERY much for supporting this important point. I really like EverNote because it allows access to my

notes in multiple devices.


I'm seriously searching for something that satisfies minimal requirements so I can get away from the EverNote

attitude of ignoring customers! Does EverNote even bother to read these forums?


If you find another app that works, PLEASE let me know. I could use the EverNote API to dump my data and reload it in

this other app.


If you can't find a decent alternative, perhaps we could have a startup that implements something sensible and

responds to customer complaints. (I'm a software developer. The old EverNote office was just a few blocks

from my house in Mountain View, CA. Now they have big bucks and a huge building.)



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I completely agree! I put off upgrading my mac because I didn't want the 6.x version which I can barely see. I looked all over for a preference just to make the lists font black instead of the stupid grey, and there's nothing.


Considering looking for another option.


Thanks for starting this string.

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