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Revoking/removing Gmail contacts in Work Chat

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I was trying out Work Chat for the first time, and clicked to connect Gmail contacts. I soon realised my mistake however, as the few people I will want to share notes and chat with are not the thousands of contacts on Gmail.


Can I revoke this access/reverse this import of Gmail contacts?


Thanks for your help.

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Hi you can disable your Google Contacts by going to the web client and logging in.  Then going to Account > Settings > Connected Services.


You should see Google as one of the services and there should be a Disconnect button underneath that entry that will allow you to disconnect.

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Curious if there's an update on this topic...

I do not understand how syncing my Gmail account helps with sharing a note or in Work Chats with my contacts. I had hoped that as I started to type a person's name or email address, the name or address would auto-populate or auto-complete in the cell, so I do not have to look it up in my email account. Is this at all possible and I'm missing how to do it?

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