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  1. I guess I knew that'd be the answer... but what if I have no idea how to use Applescript?
  2. [Writing on behalf of a client] When he shares a note with a non-Evernote-User, they get sent to a web page which displays the title, text, attachments very nicely on mobile. When sharing a notebook with a non-user (for a group trip), they get sent to the Evernote website in a browser on mobile. Not easy to read (tiny text) and a pain to go between individual notes. Is there a way to make this a more user-friendly format? Would be an easy win to possibly get new users if sharing a Notebook was formatted beautifully for non-users. They'd be impressed with their Evernote savvy friend and want to be able to do the same.
  3. What about teaching Evernote to auto-tag with tags of my choosing? It creates tags with <company name> <company name account number> <"FileThis">. But what if I have a different system and want it to be tagged with tags like: "Financial," "Taxes 2017" etc.?
  4. Taking this a step further, I understand that having tags NOT be case sensitive helps prevent duplicates. What if someone who is very visual (me!) wants to clean up her tags by fixing capitalization? When I have tried to fix tags (by adjusting the capitalization), I get a message saying the tag already exists and it stays the way it is.
  5. I am writing on behalf of a client who loves Evernote and is extremely tech savvy, but is finding some hiccups in his workflow. Thought I could share his feedback in case it will help others as well. He wants to be able to scan photos or documents in bulk, give them all a title and appropriate tags, then have them all saved as individual notes. He does not mind them all having the same title (or he will take the time to adjust the individual titles once they all have the same tags and naming convention. He just does not want to have to scroll in a very long note to find the attachment he wants. This would be in the Evernote app directly or through Scannable or Scan Snap.
  6. Curious if there's an update on this topic... I do not understand how syncing my Gmail account helps with sharing a note or in Work Chats with my contacts. I had hoped that as I started to type a person's name or email address, the name or address would auto-populate or auto-complete in the cell, so I do not have to look it up in my email account. Is this at all possible and I'm missing how to do it?
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