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  1. Agree completely! One of my clients emailed me a rant about how Evernote is supposed to make things simpler for users and this survey does the opposite. It made him nervous how this survey got approved.
  2. I guess I knew that'd be the answer... but what if I have no idea how to use Applescript?
  3. [Writing on behalf of a client] When he shares a note with a non-Evernote-User, they get sent to a web page which displays the title, text, attachments very nicely on mobile. When sharing a notebook with a non-user (for a group trip), they get sent to the Evernote website in a browser on mobile. Not easy to read (tiny text) and a pain to go between individual notes. Is there a way to make this a more user-friendly format? Would be an easy win to possibly get new users if sharing a Notebook was formatted beautifully for non-users. They'd be impressed with their Evernote savvy friend and want to be able to do the same.
  4. What about teaching Evernote to auto-tag with tags of my choosing? It creates tags with <company name> <company name account number> <"FileThis">. But what if I have a different system and want it to be tagged with tags like: "Financial," "Taxes 2017" etc.?
  5. Taking this a step further, I understand that having tags NOT be case sensitive helps prevent duplicates. What if someone who is very visual (me!) wants to clean up her tags by fixing capitalization? When I have tried to fix tags (by adjusting the capitalization), I get a message saying the tag already exists and it stays the way it is.
  6. Curious if there's an update on this topic... I do not understand how syncing my Gmail account helps with sharing a note or in Work Chats with my contacts. I had hoped that as I started to type a person's name or email address, the name or address would auto-populate or auto-complete in the cell, so I do not have to look it up in my email account. Is this at all possible and I'm missing how to do it?
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